Studio Quality Piano Tuning, At Home!

Pat Roak offers exceptional, affordable piano tuning in the Chicago area and suburbs. Serving teachers, venues, artists, and individuals in North and central Illinois, Pat can bring studio quality tuning to your home piano. His experience spans 30 years and over 30,000 pianos. Pat has rebuilt 60 pianos, 25 of which have been Steinways. Rebuilding experience helps immensely with tuning and any other technical adjustments inside your piano. It teaches piano knowledge that cannot be gained anywhere else! Just a few more reasons to use Pat over other tuners:

Pat is also available for recording, as well as tuning on all domestic and international tours.

The Best Chicagoland Piano Tuning

Sara Bareilles signed one of Pat's marketing cards!

Pat's piano tuning experience includes world-renound recording artists. He has served as a tuning technician for nearly every major artist to come through Chicago. Pat has received high praise from these clients:

"I had the honor of tuning for Dr. John. Immediately after, an email was sent out saying that it was the best sounding piano he had played all year. That's the kind of tuning I have to offer you!"

After over 30 years of experience, Pat brings this quality from the stage to your home piano. Recent tunings include these artists and venues: